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Why should you use Octave?

When you use Octave Software Group, you can have confidence that our engineering expertise, experience, and devotion to service will deliver value. Clients choose us for:

  • High-quality work.
  • Service.
  • Experience.
  • Our ability to learn rapidly.
  • Our long-term commitment to you.

We produce high-quality work because we are good engineers. You get software that works because we write well-designed and well-structured code. Our carefully developed coding standards make our code readable and maintainable. We test and debug our work thoroughly before we deliver it to you. (Read more about why quality matters.)

We pride ourselves on giving courteous and prompt attention to our clients' requests and needs. We're here to talk to you on the phone or in person whenever you need it. We know that building client relationships depends not just on technical skills, but also on the service we provide. We take pains to ensure that your experience with us is satisfying and pleasurable. Most of our business is repeat business from happy clients.

We have over 25 years of engineering experience, covering a broad range of applications and technologies. We can take your project to completion from whatever stage it is in. We work with you throughout the project as issues and questions come up. We know that doing the right work is just as important as doing the work right.

We learn quickly while providing top value. Our consulting business continually requires us to learn new tools, technologies, and applications. We've had to learn something for almost every project we've done in the past - linux, 802.11 wireless technology, Windows drivers, Java, network protocols, and more. Our clients count on us to learn quickly while still providing top value.

We have worked as consultants in Silicon Valley for over 15 years. We'll be available tomorrow to upgrade the code we deliver to you today. You'll still have access to our expertise when you need it.

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Last updated June 2010